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Nova iTunes CountdownsOther Charts: Australia - Non ARIA12821304
Shazam Top 100 (2017)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA491996
brosa0 Weekly Top 100 Charts - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts591798
Zacco333's Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts883584
Hijinx's Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts1353771
Quick List Vote Game: Qualifying Pt. 5General: Forum Games2752629
Unofficial Catalogue StatsOther Charts: Australia - Non ARIA431231
Q16Martin's 20 to 1Personal Charts: Your Charts401553
Unofficial Catalogue Singles Chart Pt. 3Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA4150
The Nostalgia Thread.General: Forum Games54410709
This week in 1984...General: Music/Charts related422188
25 Years Ago... ARIA ChartGeneral: Music/Charts related55826099
ARIA Chartifacts 23-October-2017ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts20686
My weekly top 50 (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts802157
Aus-Charts Interactive 2017Personal Charts: Combination Chart1005657
Hijinx's ARIA Personal (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts882472
Bryce's Personal ARIA ChartPersonal Charts: Your Charts3109
Annual charts from 80s/90s videosARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts17632
Who Is the favorite artist gameGeneral: Forum Games48584
Anton's Jovial Jams - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts601852
TheWitness' Personal Chart (2017) Personal Charts: Your Charts511228
Mykl's Weekly Top 50 (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts1002705
villages Personal Chart 2016/17Personal Charts: Your Charts1243178
Irelander's Personal ARIA Chart - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts792166
iTunes / Download Charts, Pt. 26Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA783212
Chart Beat 2017Other Charts: New Zealand527127
ARIA Chartifacts 16-October-2017ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts281159
Quick List Vote Game Pt. 5: ('Love' Songs)General: Forum Games1421339
savagegran's Weekly Top 1 Charts (2016/17)Personal Charts: Your Charts1613983
Timfoxxy's Weekly Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts882670
Irelander's Hot 100! - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts902733
Benji's New Retro Hottest 100 thread Pt.2 1993 onPersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts28626
BillyBrett's Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts641858
Top 100 Singles site/list updatesGeneral: General Discussion1204981
Australian Radio Airplay Chart 2017Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA653154
2017 ARIA AwardsGeneral: Awards3145
Top Singles of 1975Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts63279
Benji's New Retro Hottest 100 thread Pt.1 1975-92Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts821718
Stereo pressing of Camp by Sir Henry & His ButlersGeneral: General Discussion148
Top Singles of 2017Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts154
Zacco333's ARIA Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts512098
Bluezombie's New Old EOY'sPersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts25819
BillyBrett's Reality Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts421187
ARIA Chartifacts 9-October-2017ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts341511
rare australian songsGeneral: Music/Charts related28237682
Chart Positions Pre 1989 Part 4ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts59848307
ALBUMS Pre 1989 - Part 3ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts34918131
ARIA Chartifacts 2-October-2017ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts501364
TravD Monthly Charts (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts23904
petertheprettygood's chartPersonal Charts: Your Charts472398

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