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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - BSB's 2017 Top 50 Weekly Chart

1Bruno MarsVersace On The Floorhttp://tinyurl.com/hfzzujz
2Delta GoodremHeavyhttp://tinyurl.com/hdjp2ha
3Delta GoodremHeavyhttp://tinyurl.com/hdjp2ha
4Delta GoodremHeavyhttp://tinyurl.com/hdjp2ha
5Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Partyhttp://tinyurl.com/gvhthrz
6Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Partyhttp://tinyurl.com/gvhthrz
7The WeekndParty Monsterhttp://tinyurl.com/h2nog9s
8The WeekndParty Monsterhttp://tinyurl.com/h2nog9s
9Amber RunFickle Gamehttp://tinyurl.com/j83x35h
10Amber RunFickle Gamehttp://tinyurl.com/j83x35h
11Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythmhttp://tinyurl.com/zpjbwfv
12Amy LeeLove Existshttp://tinyurl.com/z7nraoa
13Amy LeeLove Existshttp://tinyurl.com/z7nraoa
14Amy LeeLove Existshttp://tinyurl.com/z7nraoa
15Amy LeeLove Existshttp://tinyurl.com/z7nraoa
16Amy LeeLove Existshttp://tinyurl.com/z7nraoa
17Beauty and the Beast CastThe Mob Songhttp://tinyurl.com/k83brbf
18Amy LeeLove Existshttp://tinyurl.com/z7nraoa
19Harry StylesSign Of The Timeshttp://tinyurl.com/lemn9ou
20Harry StylesSign Of The Timeshttp://tinyurl.com/lemn9ou
21Harry StylesSign Of The Timeshttp://tinyurl.com/lemn9ou
22Harry StylesSign Of The Timeshttp://tinyurl.com/lemn9ou

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# LW TI HP ArtistTitle
1NEW11[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
3NEW13The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
4NEW14Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
5NEW15Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
6NEW16Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
7NEW17Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
8NEW18Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
9NEW19Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made-ItBlack Barbies
10NEW110Noah Cyrus feat. LabrinthMake Me (Cry)
11NEW111Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci ManeBlack Beatles
12NEW112Bruno Mars24K Magic
13NEW113Tove LoTrue Disaster
14NEW114The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
15NEW115Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
17NEW117The XXOn Hold
18NEW118Shawn MendesLights On
19NEW119Alan WalkerAlone
20NEW120Feder feat. Alex AionoLordly
21NEW121Cruel YouthDiamond Days
22NEW122Kelly ClarksonIt's Quiet Uptown
23NEW123Little MixF.U.
24NEW124SiaNever Give Up
25NEW125Bruno MarsChunky
26NEW126Owl CityHumbug
27NEW127Kat GrahamAll Your Love
28NEW128The VeronicasOn Your Side
29NEW129Lady GaGaDancin' In Circles
30NEW130AlmaDye My Hair
31NEW131Rag'n'Bone ManHuman
32NEW132Guy SebastianSet In Stone
33NEW133The WeekndParty Monster
34NEW134Imagine DragonsLevitate
35NEW135Little MixShout Out To My Ex
36NEW136Illy feat. Anne-MarieCatch 22
37NEW137Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
38NEW138SiaAngel By The Wings
39NEW139Burak Yeter feat. Danelle SandovalTuesday
40NEW140Zara LarssonI Would Like
41NEW141Charli XCX feat. Lil YachtyAfter The Afterparty
42NEW142The Vamps feat. MatomaAll Night
44NEW144Brooke FraserTherapy
45NEW145Jessica LowndesUnderneath The Mask
46NEW146Alle FarbenBad Ideas
47NEW147Pentatonix feat. Dolly PartonJolene
48NEW148Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick LamarDon't Wanna Know
49NEW149John LegendLove Me Now
50NEW150Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful

*Another attempt! I found myself falling out of the music scene quite quickly to the point where I had not heard most of the hits from the past 6 months. (Can you believe I hadn't heard Closer until this week?) - So I sought out to make sure that the entire top 50 were songs I hadn't yet heard/heard much.
*Since it's a new chart and the nature of it required a clean slate (again), there's not much to report on until next week but Bruno Mars manages to grab his first No.1 since 'It Will Rain' back in 2011.
*An album chart was trialled in 2016, but after realising I really don't listen to many albums it sort of became pointless, I'll be thinking of something extra I can replace it with though.

Worst Song:
James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go^
^Even whilst being completely seperated from music and not hearing any major hits, I did manage to hear this. A lot. It's boring. So it becomes the first worst song of the 2017 cycle!
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wow at not having heard Closer. But onto more important things. Many good songs here but in particular I like seeing Versace On The Floor, Starboy, Rockabye, Slumber Party, Bad Things, Black Barbies, Make Me (Cry), Black Beatles, 24K Magic, True Disaster, I Feel It Coming, Blow Your Mind (Mwah), On Hold, Party Monster, Shout Out To My Ex, Catch 222, Capsize, After The Afterparty and Scars To Your Beautiful. I don't hate Say You Won't Let Go but for sure was very annoyed when it spent 7 weeks at #1.
1NENE1[1]*Delta GoodremHeavy
2121[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
3323The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
4524Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
5NENE5*Delta GoodremThe River
62326*Little MixF.U.
7626Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
8828Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
1014210The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
1115211Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
1218212Shawn MendesLights On
13424Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
14727Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
1510210Noah Cyrus feat. LabrinthMake Me (Cry)
1626216*Owl CityHumbug
1719217Alan WalkerAlone
1811211Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci ManeBlack Beatles
1932219*Guy SebastianSet In Stone
2112212Bruno Mars24K Magic
22929Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made-ItBlack Barbies
2317217The XXOn Hold
2413213Tove LoTrue Disaster
2522222Kelly ClarksonIt's Quiet Uptown
2628226The VeronicasOn Your Side
2731227Rag'n'Bone ManHuman
2835228Little MixShout Out To My Ex
2925225Bruno MarsChunky
3029229Lady GaGaDancin' In Circles
3130230AlmaDye My Hair
3221221Cruel YouthDiamond Days
3327227Kat GrahamAll Your Love
3439234Burak Yeter feat. Danelle SandovalTuesday
3524224SiaNever Give Up
3620220Feder feat. Alex AionoLordly
3733233The WeekndParty Monster
3834234Imagine DragonsLevitate
3936236Illy feat. Anne-MarieCatch 22
4037237Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
4138238SiaAngel By The Wings
42NENE42*The WeekndFalse Alarm
4340240Zara LarssonI Would Like
4441241Charli XCX feat. Lil YachtyAfter The Afterparty
4644244Brooke FraserTherapy
4745245Jessica LowndesUnderneath The Mask
4847247Pentatonix feat. Dolly PartonJolene
4950249Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
5042242The Vamps feat. MatomaAll Night

*In the first few weeks of this chart, there will be a lot of shifting and stabilising naturally, but rising above it all is Delta Goodrem slamming into the No.1 spot for the first time since 2008 with 'Heavy' - for which the music video dropped this week. Also debuting is 'The River' in at No.5 for Delta.
*Little Mix take the largest rise of the week, with 'F.U.' rising up 17 spots to a solid position No.6, they also rise with 'Shoutout To My Ex' rising 7 to No.28
*The Weeknd enters the top 10 with 'I Feel It Coming', moving up four positions to a new peak of No.10
*Owl City are moving up the chart quickly, with Christmas tune 'Humbug' moving up 10 positions to a new peak of No.16 - Looking likely for another rise entering christmas week.
*Guy Sebastian takes the 2nd largest rise as 'Set In Stone' is anything but, moving up 13 positions to a new peak of No.19
*The Weeknd also debuts further down at No.42 with 'False Alarm'

Worst Song:
James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go (2)
You are as bad as me, if not worse at keeping up with music on a constant basis! I have restarted my chart twice since 2010 and I don't want to ever stop it again because I know how bad things will turn out in the end!

Not exactly the best of Top 10s you have there, mainly because most of those songs I don't even know But at least its great to see The Weeknd and Britney Spears up there!!! Great appearances for Clean Bandit, Tove Lo, The Veronicas, Sia and Alessia Cara of course!!

I actually agree with you on your worst song this time! It may not be the worst, but I really dont like it!!
1121[2]Delta GoodremHeavy
2231[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
3433Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
4634Little MixF.U.
5525Delta GoodremThe River
6333The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
7837Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
84938*Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
9736Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
1010310The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
1117311*Alan WalkerAlone
1212312Shawn MendesLights On
1316313Owl CityHumbug
1411311Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
15NENE15*Alessia CaraSeventeen
1615310Noah Cyrus feat. LabrinthMake Me (Cry)
1728317*Little MixShout Out To My Ex
1918311Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci ManeBlack Beatles
211334Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
2221312Bruno Mars24K Magic
231437Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
2419319Guy SebastianSet In Stone
252239Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made-ItBlack Barbies
2623317The XXOn Hold
2724313Tove LoTrue Disaster
2825322Kelly ClarksonIt's Quiet Uptown
2926326The VeronicasOn Your Side
3027327Rag'n'Bone ManHuman
3129325Bruno MarsChunky
3230329Lady GaGaDancin' In Circles
3331330AlmaDye My Hair
3440334Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
3532321Cruel YouthDiamond Days
36NENE36*Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
3733327Kat GrahamAll Your Love
3834334Burak Yeter feat. Danelle SandovalTuesday
3935324SiaNever Give Up
4036320Feder feat. Alex AionoLordly
4137333The WeekndParty Monster
4239336Illy feat. Anne-MarieCatch 22
43NENE43*Of VeronaPaint The Pictures
4441338SiaAngel By The Wings
4542242The WeekndFalse Alarm
46NENE46*STAR CastI Bring Me
4744341Charli XCX feat. Lil YachtyAfter The Afterparty
4950342The Vamps feat. MatomaAll Night
5038334Imagine DragonsLevitate

*Delta Goodrem stays put in the No.1 spot with 'Heavy', taking her 2nd week at the top - 'The River' also remains in at No.5
*Britney Spears edges her way closer to her first chart leader since 2012, as 'Slumber Party' reaches a new peak of No.3 - her highest position since 'Criminal' (HP-1, 2012)
*Alessia Cara has a big week, taking both the largest climb and the highest debut in 'Scars To Your Beautiful' and 'Seventeen', moving up a massive 41 spaces to No.8 and debuting in at No.15 respectively. 'How Far I'll Go' also climbs up a position within the top 10, reaching a new peak of No.7
*Alan Walker finds herself waiting just outside the top 10 with 'Alone' at No.11, hoping to see her 2nd top 10 after 'Faded' (HP-4, 2016)
*Little Mix have the second biggest climb of the week, shifting upwards 11 positions to a new peak of No.17 with 'Shoutout To My Ex', the group also reach a new peak at No.4 with 'F.U.'
*Lady Gaga debuts with current single 'Million Reasons' following the video release, in at No.36
*Of Verona released a song called 'Paint The Pictures' way back in 2012, now the CW is using the song as promotional material for their upcoming drama series 'Riverdale' - this sees the song debuting in at No.43
*Fox also has an upcoming drama series - though unlike the CW's, this one is a musical. The cast of STAR have released 'I Bring Me' ahead of the premiere and it has debuted in at No.46

Worst Song:
Peking Duk - Stranger^
^This song is annoying and sounds way too much like other songs I've disliked a lot. Hopefully this doesn't stick around too long because I'm already so sick of it.
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The River and False Alarm debuting last week is cool while I do enjoy Seventeen and Million Reasons this week. Brilliant to see Slumber Party, Scars To Your Beautiful , Shout Out TO My Ex and Capsize move up this week. Pity about Stranger being your worst song though.
Excellent jump for Alessia Cara woohoo!
Great to see Britney Spears at #3 too

Not really any debuts I am interested in, even Gaga I am not keen on
1131[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
2342Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
3443Little MixF.U.
4844*Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
5241Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
6746Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
71527*Alessia CaraSeventeen
8535Delta GoodremThe River
91149Alan WalkerAlone
1010410The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
11643The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
1212412Shawn MendesLights On
1317413Little MixShout Out To My Ex
1436214*Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
15946Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
1614411Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
1716410Noah Cyrus feat. LabrinthMake Me (Cry)
182144Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
1929419*The VeronicasOn Your Side
2122412Bruno Mars24K Magic
222347Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
2324419Guy SebastianSet In Stone
2426417The XXOn Hold
25NENE25*Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
2643226*Of VeronaPaint The Pictures
2727413Tove LoTrue Disaster
2834428Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
2928422Kelly ClarksonIt's Quiet Uptown
3019411Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci ManeBlack Beatles
3130427Rag'n'Bone ManHuman
32NENE32*Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneCity Of Stars
3313413Owl CityHumbug
3431425Bruno MarsChunky
3533430AlmaDye My Hair
3637427Kat GrahamAll Your Love
382549Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made-ItBlack Barbies
3935421Cruel YouthDiamond Days
4038434Burak Yeter feat. Danelle SandovalTuesday
4139424SiaNever Give Up
42NENE42*Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
4340420Feder feat. Alex AionoLordly
4441433The WeekndParty Monster
4542436Illy feat. Anne-MarieCatch 22
4644438SiaAngel By The Wings
4732429Lady GaGaDancin' In Circles
4845342The WeekndFalse Alarm
4946246STAR CastI Bring Me

*Delta Goodrem is able to stand her ground this week in the No.1 spot for the 3rd week with 'Heavy'
*Britney Spears & Little Mix both move up a single position with 'Slumber Party' and 'F.U.' up to new peaks of No.2 and No.3, respectively
*Alessia Cara has another stellar week as 'Scars To Your Beautiful' is able to half its position and shift another 4 positions into a new peak of No.4, 'How Far I'll Go' climbs 1 to get to No.6 and 'Seventeen' is up 8 spots into a new peak of No.7
*Lady Gaga has the biggest rise of the week as her current single 'Million Reasons' smashes up 22 positions to a new peak of No.14
*The Veronicas are also making big moves, shifting 10 from No.29 to No.19 with 'On Your Side'
*Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone have the highest 2 debuts this week, making it the first two tracks they've ever had on the chart - taken from the La La Land soundtrack, 'A Lovely Night' and 'City Of Stars' debut in at No.25 and No.32 respectively.
*Of Verona have the 2nd largest climb of the week, bulleting up 17 spots to a new peak of No.26 with 'Paint The Pictures' because of some further hype for the CW's new show 'Riverdale'
*Zayn & Taylor Swift sneak into the chart as well with 'I Don't Want To Live Forever' coming in at No.42

Worst Song:
Peking Duk - Stranger
1251[1]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
2141[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
3453Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
4551[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
5735Alessia CaraSeventeen
6656Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
7353Little MixF.U.
81153The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
9845Delta GoodremThe River
10959Alan WalkerAlone
1113511Little MixShout Out To My Ex
1212512Shawn MendesLights On
1310510The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
1414314Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
15NENE15*Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
1642216*Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
171556Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
1816511Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
1936519*Kat GrahamAll Your Love
2026320Of VeronaPaint The Pictures
2117510Noah Cyrus feat. LabrinthMake Me (Cry)
221854Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
2319519The VeronicasOn Your Side
2532225Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneCity Of Stars
2621512Bruno Mars24K Magic
27NENE27*The XXSay Something Loving
282257Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
2923519Guy SebastianSet In Stone
3024517The XXOn Hold
3125225Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
3230511Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci ManeBlack Beatles
3327513Tove LoTrue Disaster
3428528Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
3529522Kelly ClarksonIt's Quiet Uptown
3631527Rag'n'Bone ManHuman
3735530AlmaDye My Hair
393859Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made-ItBlack Barbies
40NENE40*JP CooperSeptember Song
4139521Cruel YouthDiamond Days
4240534Burak Yeter feat. Danelle SandovalTuesday
4341524SiaNever Give Up
4443520Feder feat. Alex AionoLordly
4544533The WeekndParty Monster
4646538SiaAngel By The Wings
4747529Lady GaGaDancin' In Circles
4834525Bruno MarsChunky
4948442The WeekndFalse Alarm
5033513Owl CityHumbug

*Britney Spears has taken the top spot for the 5th time in the charts history with 'Slumber Party', following her four No.1 hits from 2011 - 'Hold It Against Me', 'Till The World Ends', 'I Wanna Go' and 'Criminal' - this makes for one of the longest amount of years between No.1's (6 years!) - It is also the first No.1 for Tinashe.
*Jax Jones & Raye both make their chart debut with 'You Don't Know Me', in with the highest debut at No.15 - expect this song to potentially climb rapidly in the coming weeks.
*Zayn and Taylor Swift have the biggest rise of the week, with 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' rising 26 positions to a new peak of No.16
*The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham also makes a big jump, the second biggest actually - with 'All Your Love' rising 17 spots to a new peak of No.19
*The XX have a new hit in at No.27 with 'Say Something Loving'
*JP Cooper has the last debut of the week with his 'September Song' in at No.40

Worst Song:
Peking Duk - Stranger

*apologies for being a day late this week
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Awesome #1! At least I know this one this time
Also awesome to see Scars at #3, as well Jax Jones debut!!

Cool rise for Zayn and Taylor Swift.
Cool entry for The xx and also for The Weeknd jumping into the top 10.
1161[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
2251[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
3363Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
4461[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
51525*Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
6666Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
7545Alessia CaraSeventeen
8763Little MixF.U.
9863The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
1016310*Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
1113610The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
1212612Shawn MendesLights On
13NENE13*Ed SheeranShape Of You
14955Delta GoodremThe River
151069Alan WalkerAlone
1611611Little MixShout Out To My Ex
1714414Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
1819618Kat GrahamAll Your Love
19NENE19*SiaMove Your Body
201766Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
2118611Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
2220420Of VeronaPaint The Pictures
2321610Noah Cyrus feat. LabrinthMake Me (Cry)
242264Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
2523619The VeronicasOn Your Side
2725325Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneCity Of Stars
28NENE28*RihannaLove On The Brain
2926612Bruno Mars24K Magic
3027227The XXSay Something Loving
312867Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
32NENE32*Shakira feat. MalumaChantaje
3329619Guy SebastianSet In Stone
3430617The XXOn Hold
3531325Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
3632611Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci ManeBlack Beatles
3733613Tove LoTrue Disaster
3834628Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
3935622Kelly ClarksonIt's Quiet Uptown
40NENE40*TrainPlay That Song
4136627Rag'n'Bone ManHuman
4237630AlmaDye My Hair
433969Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made-ItBlack Barbies
4441621Cruel YouthDiamond Days
4542634Burak Yeter feat. Danelle SandovalTuesday
4643624SiaNever Give Up
4745633The WeekndParty Monster
4846638SiaAngel By The Wings
4947629Lady GaGaDancin' In Circles
5044620Feder feat. Alex AionoLordly

*Britney Spears is having a 'Slumber Party' in the No.1 spot, having stayed into a now second week. In fact, the rest of the top 4 proves impenetrable - an interesting collection of four songs gaining momentum to be (potentially) big hits on the chart.
*Jax Jones and Raye won't let that challenge stop them, as 'You Don't Know Me' rises 10 positions to a new peak of No.5 - which is also incidentally the largest rise of the week.
*Taylor Swift and ZAYN also have no problems settling into the top 10 in at No.10, rising 6 with 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever'
*Ed Sheeran released two massive hits this week, but only one of them finds favour on the chart - 'Shape Of You' earns the highest debut of the week by landing in at No.13
*No stranger to the chart by now, Sia also debuts in at No.19 with her new single of choice 'Move Your Body'
*Rihanna was once the queen of this chart - having landed so many top hits it was hard to keep up, last years 'Sledgehammer' broke that dry spell only to start a new one. 'Love On The Brain' debuts in at No.28 hoping to find some success in coming weeks.
*Shakira and Maluma debut in at No.32 with 'Chantaje' - the only foreign spoken song on the chart!
*Finally, Train's new hit 'Play That Song' rounds off the debuts by landing in at No.40

Worst Song:
Peking Duk - Stranger^

^At this point this song isn't so much from me actually experiencing it, but simply from nothing taking it's place yet. That said, don't expect this to appear on the chart anytime soon
You Don't Know Me and Love On The Brain Great to see Slumber Party at #1 and I hope You Don't Know Me can be the next #1. I'm glad you don't dislike Stranger too much
Great to see Move Your Body and Love on the Brain debut for you, Move Your Body only just missed out on entering for me this week too. Yay for Alessia doing so well, her track has slowly grown on me, especially after hearing it on an EOY broadcast the other day. I love that You Don't Know Me and F.U are in the top 10 too! There's a lot of stuff I love here, such as Shout Out to My Ex, Rockabye, Set in Stone, Black Beatles, Capsize, It's Quiet Uptown and Black Barbies, so great to see them all here!
14771[1]*The WeekndParty Monster
21042*Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
3171[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
41924*SiaMove Your Body
5471[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
6261[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
7373Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
8676Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
91329Ed SheeranShape Of You
1011710The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
11RE411*The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
12973The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
131579Alan WalkerAlone
1418714Kat GrahamAll Your Love
15535Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
16755Alessia CaraSeventeen
1712712Shawn MendesLights On
1837713*Tove LoTrue Disaster
19NENE19*Green DayTroubled Times
20NENE20*Amber RunFickle Game
21873Little MixF.U.
221465Delta GoodremThe River
23NENE23*HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
24NENE24*Emeli SandéHurts
2528225RihannaLove On The Brain
26NENE26*Olly MursYears And Years
2716711Little MixShout Out To My Ex
2817514Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
29NENE29*Marian HillDown
30NENE30*Jon BellionAll Time Low
3125719The VeronicasOn Your Side
32NENE32*James ArthurSafe Inside
332076Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
3421711Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
3529712Bruno Mars24K Magic
362474Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
3723710Noah Cyrus feat. LabrinthMake Me (Cry)
3830327The XXSay Something Loving
393177Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
4032232Shakira feat. MalumaChantaje
4133719Guy SebastianSet In Stone
4234717The XXOn Hold
4422520Of VeronaPaint The Pictures
45NENE45*Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
4640240TrainPlay That Song
4741727Rag'n'Bone ManHuman
4827425Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneCity Of Stars
4946724SiaNever Give Up
5048738SiaAngel By The Wings

*Last week I called the top 4 'impenetrable' - well, The Weeknd took that challenge and then smashed it into bits. Rising a massive 46 positions (the highest rise into the top spot ever!) to a new peak of No.1 is The Weeknd's 'Party Monster' - the first top hit The Weeknd have scored on this chart.
*ZAYN & Taylor Swift have no problem cutting through the chart either to rise to No.2, up 8 with 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever', which is now ZAYN's highest charting hit.
*Sia was the last of the big four contenders for No.1 this week, but 'Move Your Body' settled into the No.4 spot this week, up 15 and with a new peak.
*The Vamps have a massive re-entry into the chart, with 'All Night' smashing back into a new peak of No.11
*Tove Lo rebounds this week, 'True Disaster' moving up 19 positions (the second highest rise!) to No.18
*Green Day has the highest debut this week (the first of nine!) with 'Troubled Times' following their new lyric video and a timely inauguration coming up, the song is in at No.19
*Amber Run aren't far behind, charting for the very first time in at No.20 with 'Fickle Game'
*Halsey has the second song from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack on this chart, as 'Not Afraid Anymore' drops firmly in at No.23
*Not far behind, Emeli Sande has 'Hurts' fall comfortably into the next position, in at No.24
*Any other week, a No.26 debut wouldn't be only the 6th highest entry, but Olly Murs is going to have to settle for it and rise later with 'Years & Years'
*Marian Hill and Jon Bellion have their respective first debuts on the chart this week too, in at No.29 and No.30 with 'Down' and 'All Time Low'
*Despite holding the worst song earlier this year, James Arthur has impressed with new single 'Safe Inside', premiering safely inside (heh) the top 40 in at No.32
*Less comfortable in her debut spot this week is Ariana Grande as 'Everyday' scrapes into the chart in at No.45 with a little help from Future.

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers - Paris^

^Honestly can these guys just go away? They had one good song and I'd really prefer to never hear from them again now. This song could have at least had the decency to feature someone good.
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Great to see Move Your Body make a giant leap, would love to see it get the top spot! Sad to see You Don't Know Me make such a dramatic drop though, hopefully it can somehow turn it around. Yay for Everyday entering, as well as the rise for Love On The Brain.
1181[2]The WeekndParty Monster
2381[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
32023*Amber RunFickle Game
4NENE4*Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
5252Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
6936Ed SheeranShape Of You
7NENE7*Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
81158The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
9581[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
1010810The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
11434SiaMove Your Body
12886Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
13671[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
1426214*Olly MursYears And Years
1519215Green DayTroubled Times
16783Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
171283The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
18NENE18*Max feat. GnashLights Down Low (Orchestral Version)
191389Alan WalkerAlone
2023220HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
2130221*Jon BellionAll Time Low
2225322RihannaLove On The Brain
23NENE23*Michael MalarkeyScars
2414814Kat GrahamAll Your Love
25NENE25*Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
261545Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
2724224Emeli SandéHurts
281665Alessia CaraSeventeen
2929229Marian HillDown
3017812Shawn MendesLights On
3118813Tove LoTrue Disaster
322183Little MixF.U.
3332232James ArthurSafe Inside
342275Delta GoodremThe River
3527811Little MixShout Out To My Ex
36NENE36*A Series Of Unfortunate Events CastThat's Not How The Story Goes
3731819The VeronicasOn Your Side
3834811Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
3935812Bruno Mars24K Magic
403684Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
4138427The XXSay Something Loving
423987Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
4341819Guy SebastianSet In Stone
4442817The XXOn Hold
4545245Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
463386Charlie PuthDoes It Feel
47NENE47*One Ok Rock feat. 5 Seconds Of SummerTake What You Want
4848525Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneCity Of Stars
49NENE49*Childish GambinoRedbone
5028614Lady GaGaMillion Reasons

*Two parties make up the top 2, but it's the 'Party Monster' by The Weeknd that maintains its No.1 spot for the second week. 'I Feel It Coming' also remains at No.10 for the 5th non-consecutive week.
*Amber Run are quick into the higher section of the chart, rising the highest this week - up 17 position to a new peak of No.3 with 'Fickle Game'
*Troye Sivan released his new video for 'Heaven' this week, and the effort payed off as he nabs the biggest debut of the week in at No.4
*A few weeks ago I complained that 'Castle On The Hill' was boring and inferior to 'Shape Of You' (TW-6), but this week Ed Sheeran has won me over and Castle has debuted in at No.7
*Olly Murs hasn't actually had a top 10 hit in 'Years & Years' but he's coming very close this week as he rises 12 positions to a new peak of No.14
*Last year MAX made his debut on the chart with 'Gibberish' and was able to reach No.13, this year he's found a new song to take a crack at the higher sections of the chart. 'Lights Down Low (Orchestral Version)' premieres in at No.18 this week, with help of Gnash.
*Jon Bellion rises 9 to a new peak of No.21 with 'All Time Low'
*The Vampire Diaries star Michael Malarkey has his chart debut this week as the six and a half minute song 'Scars' lands at No.23
*Bruno Mars' new single 'That's What I Like' finds a beginning home of No.25
*Netflix dropped 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' this week, and the final number 'That's Not How The Story Goes' drops in at No.36 - the second entry for Neil Patrick Harris on the chart following his feature on 'Dream On' by Glee Cast (2010)
*One Ok Rock and Childish Gambino also have debuts in this week, in at No.47 and No.49 respectively with 'Take What You Want' and 'Redbone'

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers - Paris (2)
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Great to see Sia made it to your Top 5 last week BSB! You should check it out on my chart

Good to see Britney Spears still at #2, Ed Sheeran in the Top 10, and The Weeknd at #10 still
Oh wow Party Monster last week. Good #1 though. Redbone is good too. Ooh at another chart where I Feel It Coming has spent numerous weeks peaking at #10 and yay at the rises for Shape Of You and Love On The Brain. Lol Paris, my mind continuously wavers on it but I can certainly agree with wishing The Chainsmokers would dissappear
Great to see Redbone debut! Love that Love on the Brain is rising too. Sad to see F.U. down, hopefully it can rise back up as it's really growing on me. Hopefully Everyday can continue to rise too.
1331[1]*Amber RunFickle Game
2422Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
3191[2]The WeekndParty Monster
4724Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
5645Ed SheeranShape Of You
6866The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
7291[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
81098The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
9991[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
1018210*Max feat. GnashLights Down Low (Orchestral Version)
1115311Green DayTroubled Times
121144SiaMove Your Body
13562Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
1414314Olly MursYears And Years
1522415*RihannaLove On The Brain
161296Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
171381[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
181693Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
191793The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
2025220Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
2123221Michael MalarkeyScars
221999Alan WalkerAlone
2320320HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
2421321Jon BellionAll Time Low
2524914Kat GrahamAll Your Love
2649226*Childish GambinoRedbone
272655Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
2845328*Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
2927324Emeli SandéHurts
302875Alessia CaraSeventeen
3129329Marian HillDown
3231913Tove LoTrue Disaster
333293Little MixF.U.
3433332James ArthurSafe Inside
353485Delta GoodremThe River
3635911Little MixShout Out To My Ex
3737919The VeronicasOn Your Side
3939912Bruno Mars24K Magic
4048625Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneCity Of Stars
414094Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye
42NENE42*Missy Elliott feat. LambI'm Better
434297Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
4430912Shawn MendesLights On
4544917The XXOn Hold
4647246One Ok Rock feat. 5 Seconds Of SummerTake What You Want
4750714Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
48NENE48*Rag'n'Bone ManSkin
4943919Guy SebastianSet In Stone
5036236A Series Of Unfortunate Events CastThat's Not How The Story Goes

*The past few weeks have proven to be somewhat of a battlefield on this chart, songs that could have reached No.1 easily in another time are scraping into the top 30. Despite this, Amber Run have managed to make their first outing on the chart a pleasant one as 'Fickle Game' takes it's first week at the top spot.
*Troye Sivan is not far behind, equalling his No.2 peak of 'YOUTH' with 'Heaven'
*MAX makes his mark on the top 10, landing in at No.10 - up 8, with 'Lights Down Low (Orchestral Version)'
*With the exception of one song last year, Rihanna has been finding it difficult to break the top 20 in the last few years, despite her numerous No.1's on the chart, but this week 'Love On The Brain' makes the first move in rectifying that as it shoots 7 to a new peak of No.15
*Childish Gambino makes the largest rise of the week, shifting 23 positions to a new peak of No.26 with 'Redbone'
*Ariana Grande is not far behind, shooting 17 positions to a new peak of No.28 with her track 'Everyday'
*Jamiroquai has the largest debut of the week in at No.38 with 'Automaton', Missy Elliott and Rag'n'Bone Man also have debuts respectively at No.42 and No.48 with 'I'm Better' and 'Skin'.

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers - Paris (3)
Cool to see Ed Sheeran x2 up high so far, along with Britney Spears still doing well, The Weeknd climbing up, and Jamiroquai debuting
I'm very pleased to see Automaton catching on with so many others. It felt like something only I'd really care about haha Good to see Shape Of You, I Feel It Coming, Love On The Brain and Redbone move up.
1141[2]Amber RunFickle Game
23101[2]The WeekndParty Monster
3232Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
4434Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
5675The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
61036Max feat. GnashLights Down Low (Orchestral Version)
7555Ed SheeranShape Of You
88108The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
97101[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
109101[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
1115511RihannaLove On The Brain
1221312*Michael MalarkeyScars
1320313*Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
1414414Olly MursYears And Years
15251014*Kat GrahamAll Your Love
1611411Green DayTroubled Times
17RE417*Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
181254SiaMove Your Body
191372Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
2016106Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
211791[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
2218103Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
2319103The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
2422109Alan WalkerAlone
2626326Childish GambinoRedbone
2728427Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
2823420HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
29NENE29*La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
3040725*Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
3124421Jon BellionAll Time Low
322765Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
3329424Emeli SandéHurts
34NENE34*Emma StoneAudition (The Fools Who Dream)
3547814*Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
3648236*Rag'n'Bone ManSkin
373085Alessia CaraSeventeen
3831429Marian HillDown
39321013Tove LoTrue Disaster
4033103Little MixF.U.
4134432James ArthurSafe Inside
423595Delta GoodremThe River
43361011Little MixShout Out To My Ex
44NENE44*Imagine DragonsBeliever
45371019The VeronicasOn Your Side
46391012Bruno Mars24K Magic
4742242Missy Elliott feat. LambI'm Better
48NENE48*Amber RunPerfect
50491019Guy SebastianSet In Stone

Chart of Tuesday, 7th Feb. '17 - Sorry for a late chart! I got a new job this week, expect the next chart on either Monday Night or Tuesday though.

*Amber Run carry on at the top spot for the 2nd week with 'Fickle Game', as well as debuting in at No.48 with 'Perfect'
*MAX is continuing to rise up the charts with 'Lights Down Low', moving up 4 positions to a new peak of No.6
*Michael Malarkey is one of two The Vampire Diaries stars to make a large rise up the chart this week. 'Scars' moves up 9 to a new peak of No.12. Kat Graham is the other, moving up 10 with 'All Your Love'
*Bruno Mars looks set for another hit as 'That's What I Like' rises 7 into the new peak of No.13
*Can you guess what movie I watched not once but twice this week? After having seen La La Land, 'A Lovely Night' returns to the chart to a new peak of No.17, 'Another Day of Sun' is at No.29, 'City Of Stars' rises 10 to No.30 and 'Audition (The Fools Who Dream)' premieres in at No.34
*Jamiroquai has the joint largest rise of the week, moving up 13 spots to a brand new peak of No.25 with 'Automaton'.
*Lady Gaga and Rag'n'Bone Man are both up 12 this week with 'Million Reasons' up to No.35 and 'Skin' up to No.36
*Also debuting this week are Imagine Dragons and Cascada, with 'Believer' and 'Run' at No.44 and No.49 respectively

Worst Song: The Chainsmokers - Paris (4)
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Congrats on the new job! I know that feeling of things being late due to work Don't really care much for any of the debuts this week but I am pleased to see Love On The Brain and Automaton move up.
1NENE1[1]*Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
2NENE2*Amy LeeLove Exists
3NENE3*Lady GaGaJohn Wayne
4151[2]Amber RunFickle Game
52111[2]The WeekndParty Monster
6NENE6*Ansel ElgortThief
71347*Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
88118The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
91249Michael MalarkeyScars
1011610RihannaLove On The Brain
1110111[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
129111[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
13342Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
14444Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
1535914*Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
16585The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
17646Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
18765Ed SheeranShape Of You
1914514Olly MursYears And Years
20NENE20*Ariana Grande & John LegendBeauty And The Beast
21151114Kat GrahamAll Your Love
2316511Green DayTroubled Times
2417517Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
2529225La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
261864SiaMove Your Body
271982Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
2820116Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
2921101[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
3022113Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
3123113The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
3224119Alan WalkerAlone
3326426Childish GambinoRedbone
3427527Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
3528520HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
3630825Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
3731521Jon BellionAll Time Low
383275Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
3933524Emeli SandéHurts
4034234Emma StoneAudition (The Fools Who Dream)
4136336Rag'n'Bone ManSkin
423795Alessia CaraSeventeen
4338529Marian HillDown
44391113Tove LoTrue Disaster
4541532James ArthurSafe Inside
4642105Delta GoodremThe River
4744244Imagine DragonsBeliever
48461112Bruno Mars24K Magic
4947342Missy Elliott feat. LambI'm Better
5048248Amber RunPerfect

Chart of Tuesday 14th Feb. '17 - Since this is late by the exact same amount of days AND for the same reason as last week, this chart will now be updating on Fridays. I swear I don't try to be inconsistent!

*This week the top 3 is all debuts, and more interestingly from 3 of the heaviest hitters on this charts history. With several top 3 and even No.1 eoy's between them. This week though, Katy Perry is the one who comes out on top as 'Chained To The Rhythm' blasts into the top spot.
*Amy Lee, frontwoman of Evanescence, is next as her new single 'Love Exists' drops into the No.2 position
*Lady Gaga went Gaga this week for the first time in a long time, and was instantly rewarded with another top 3 hit, 'John Wayne' marks the highest she's climbed since 'You And I' in 2011.
*Not far behind is Ansel Elgort with his second hit on the chart, 'Thief' smashing right into the No.6 spot, ordinarily it would be the highest debut of the week, but he settles for fourth this week.
*The clearing out of the top 10 continues as Bruno Mars moves into another hit with 'That's What I Like' going up six, the second largest rise of the week, into a new peak of No.7
*Gaga's superbowl performance didn't just help out her debut this week, but 'Million Reasons' rebounds close to it's highest peak in at No.15 this week, up 20 - the largest rise of the week.
*Ariana Grande & John Legend finish off the debuts as their titular track from the movie 'Beauty and the Beast' lands in at No.20

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers - Paris (5)
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I'm enjoying Chained To The Rhythm more than I'd expect. I'm pleased to see it at #1. Good to see Automaton move up again, hopefully top 20 next week.
TW LW TI HP ArtistTitle
1221[1]Amy LeeLove Exists
2121[1]Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
3753*Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
48124*The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
5461[2]Amber RunFickle Game
6323Lady GaGaJohn Wayne
75121[2]The WeekndParty Monster
8626Ansel ElgortThief
9959Michael MalarkeyScars
10NENE10*Lana Del ReyLove
1111121[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
12NENE12*Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
1310710RihannaLove On The Brain
1412121[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
15NENE15*Twenty One PilotsHeavydirtysoul
1620216Ariana Grande & John LegendBeauty And The Beast
18151014Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
191352Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
201454Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
211695The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
2225322La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
231756Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
24211214Kat GrahamAll Your Love
251875Ed SheeranShape Of You
2619614Olly MursYears And Years
2723611Green DayTroubled Times
2824617Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
2931123The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
3033526Childish GambinoRedbone
312674SiaMove Your Body
322792Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
3341433*Rag'n'Bone ManSkin
3428126Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
3537621Jon BellionAll Time Low
3636925Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
3729111[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
3830123Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
3932129Alan WalkerAlone
4034627Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
4135620HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
42NENE42*Linkin Park feat. KiiaraHeavy
433885Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
4439624Emeli SandéHurts
4540334Emma StoneAudition (The Fools Who Dream)
4642105Alessia CaraSeventeen
4743629Marian HillDown
48441213Tove LoTrue Disaster
49481212Bruno Mars24K Magic
50NENE50*Ed SheeranHow Would You Feel (Paean)

*Amy Lee has found massive success on this chart with band Evanescence, nabbing a total of 6 No.1's with the band and this week takes her first solo No.1 and total 7th - she's come close before, but 'Love Exists' has finally done it.
*Bruno Mars and The Weeknd are both on upwards journeys this week within the top 5. 'That's What I Like' climbs four positions into the brand new peak of No.3, and 'I Feel It Coming' climbs the same amount to a new peak of No.4 after spending a total 10 weeks in the lower tier of the top 10.
*Lana Del Rey this week takes the highest debut of the chart as she bursts right onto the scene in at No.10 with 'Love', a track that is likely to rise in the coming weeks.
*Kygo & Selena Gomez aren't far behind with their new track 'It Ain't Me' coming in at No.12
*Twenty One Pilots have themselves another potential hit on their heads as 'Heavydirtysoul' premieres in at No.15 following the new music video
*Jamiroquai is continuing his ascension up the chart, climbing 5 and is proving to be a dark horse contender for a higher position with 'Automaton'
*Rag'n'Bone Man and his 'Skin' are the largest climbers of the week moving up 8 positions to a new peak of No.33
*Linkin Park and Ed Sheeran also take debuts this week, as 'Heavy' and 'How Would You Feel (Paean)' shine at No.42 and no.50 respectively

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers - Paris (6)
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TW LW TI HP ArtistTitle
1131[2]Amy LeeLove Exists
2362Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
3231[1]Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
44134The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
51025*Lana Del ReyLove
61226*Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
8571[2]Amber RunFickle Game
91639*Ariana Grande & John LegendBeauty And The Beast
107131[2]The WeekndParty Monster
1122411*La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
12969Michael MalarkeyScars
1311131[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
1415214Twenty One PilotsHeavydirtysoul
15836Ansel ElgortThief
16633Lady GaGaJohn Wayne
1714131[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
182585*Ed SheeranShape Of You
1913810RihannaLove On The Brain
2028717*Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
21181114Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
22361022*Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
2321105The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
241962Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
252064Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
2629133The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
272366Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
28241314Kat GrahamAll Your Love
2926714Olly MursYears And Years
3027711Green DayTroubled Times
3130626Childish GambinoRedbone
3245432*Emma StoneAudition (The Fools Who Dream)
3332102Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
3433533Rag'n'Bone ManSkin
3534136Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
3635721Jon BellionAll Time Low
3737121[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
3838133Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
3939139Alan WalkerAlone
4040727Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
4141720HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
4242242Linkin Park feat. KiiaraHeavy
434395Jax Jones feat. RayeYou Don't Know Me
443184SiaMove Your Body
4544724Emeli SandéHurts
4646115Alessia CaraSeventeen
4747729Marian HillDown
48481313Tove LoTrue Disaster
49491312Bruno Mars24K Magic
5050250Ed SheeranHow Would You Feel (Paean)

'Love Exists' by Amy Lee is at the top of the chart for a 2nd week - as much as most the No.1's this year have managed to achieve.
*Bruno Mars climbs a spot to get to No.2 with 'That's What I Like', potentially seeking another top hitter after 'Versace On The Floor' (TW-13)
*The excitement on the chart this week is in the bottom half of the top 10, as Lana Del Rey as well as Kygo with Selena Gomez both half their positions from last week - moving up 5 and 6 respectively to get to new peaks at No.5 and No.6 with 'Love' and 'It Ain't Me'
*Jamiroquai continues to pave his way through the chart into a hit as 'Automaton' shoots up 10 positions to a new peak of No.7, now a serious contender for a bigger hit.
*Ariana Grande and John Legend are both moving up this week as well as excitement for the upcoming film 'Beauty And The Beast' approaches. The song is up seven spots to a new peak of No.9
*La La Land won some real and almost-real oscars this past week, and the optimistic opening number 'Another Day Of Sun' is up this week with the 3rd largest rise of the week - both rises above it going to the same film. 'Another Day Of Sun' is up 11 to a new peak of No.11
*Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have two duets together this week that move up - first is 'A Lovely Night' moving up 8 to No.20. Secondly, the largest rise of the week this week is earnt by 'City Of Stars' - which fires up 14 positions to a new peak of No.22
*Emma Stone is the 2nd largest riser of the week as well, as 'Audition (The Fools Who Dream)' moves up 13 positions to a new peak of No.32
*No debuts to speak of this week - Who knows though, maybe next week all the La La Land tracks will be replaced by Moonlight songs!

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay - Something Just Like This^

Well, they did it. They replaced themselves. Partly because Coldplay should know better.
Pity Chained To The Rhythm is already off the top spot, it's probably in my top 5 from Katy already. Good to see debuts for Love and Heavydirtysoul. I Feel It Coming still up so high in your chart is pretty marvellous and I like that Automaton is now in the top 10. Also lmao Something Just Like This, it's pretty shit isn't it? Even Paris and Closer are better
TW LW TI HP ArtistTitle
1141[3]Amy LeeLove Exists
2272Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
3NENE3*Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
4534Lana Del ReyLove
5341[1]Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
6NENE6*Computer GamesEvery Single Night
8948Ariana Grande & John LegendBeauty And The Beast
91159La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
10NENE10*Beauty And The Beast CastBelle
114144The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
12636Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
1314313Twenty One PilotsHeavydirtysoul
14881[2]Amber RunFickle Game
1510141[2]The WeekndParty Monster
161279Michael MalarkeyScars
1713141[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
1820817Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
191546Ansel ElgortThief
201643Lady GaGaJohn Wayne
2117141[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
231895Ed SheeranShape Of You
2419910RihannaLove On The Brain
25211214Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
26221122Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
2723115The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
2832528Emma StoneAudition (The Fools Who Dream)
292472Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
302574Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
31NENE31*Emma ThompsonBeauty And The Beast
32NENE32*Stargate feat. P!nk & SiaWaterfall
3326143The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
34NENE34*LordeGreen Light
352776Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
36281414Kat GrahamAll Your Love
3729814Olly MursYears And Years
3830811Green DayTroubled Times
3931726Childish GambinoRedbone
4033112Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
4135146Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
4236821Jon BellionAll Time Low
4338143Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
4437131[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
4539149Alan WalkerAlone
4640827Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
4741820HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
4842342Linkin Park feat. KiiaraHeavy
4946125Alessia CaraSeventeen
50491412Bruno Mars24K Magic

*Amy Lee achieves the feat of tied longest No.1 for the year this week, though that's not a lot at this point. Still, it marks the 3rd week for 'Love Exists' to sit atop the peak.
*The two highest debuts this week are from two Glee alums - the first and highest, Lea Michele - finds herself at No.3 with 'Love Is Alive', the new single off her upcoming sophomore album. Next, is Darren Criss led band Computer Games with their debut single 'Every Single Night' in at No.6
*Beauty and the Beast is coming up quick, and 'Belle' slams into the No.10 position as the hype for that film grows. The title track also appears at both No.8 and No.31 this week from different artists respectively.
*Lorde debuts twice this week - firstly with 'Liability' in at No.22, and then again at No.34 with 'Green Light'
*Finally, Stargate lands their first single on the chart with the helps of P!nk and Sia with 'Waterfall'

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay - Something Just Like This

Chart of 10/03/17
It's a pity Green Light isn't the higher of the Lorde tracks but good to see them both here. Good to see a hold for Automaton and the rise for Love.
TW LW TI HP ArtistTitle
1151[4]Amy LeeLove Exists
2322Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
3623Computer GamesEvery Single Night
4282Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
5444Lana Del ReyLove
6NENE6*Amy LeeSpeak To Me
8858Ariana Grande / John LegendBeauty And The Beast
91029Beauty And The Beast CastBelle
1134211*LordeGreen Light
1213412Twenty One PilotsHeavydirtysoul
13969La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
141246Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
1511154The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
161689Michael MalarkeyScars
1717151[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
18551[1]Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
191491[2]Amber RunFickle Game
2015151[2]The WeekndParty Monster
2118917Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
2221151[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
2323105Ed SheeranShape Of You
24241010RihannaLove On The Brain
252053Lady GaGaJohn Wayne
2631226Emma ThompsonBeauty And The Beast
27251314Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
28261222Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
2927125The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
3032230Stargate feat. P!nk & SiaWaterfall
311956Ansel ElgortThief
3228628Emma StoneAudition (The Fools Who Dream)
332982Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
343084Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
3533153The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
363586Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
37361514Kat GrahamAll Your Love
3837914Olly MursYears And Years
3938911Green DayTroubled Times
4039826Childish GambinoRedbone
4140122Zayn & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
4241156Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
4342921Jon BellionAll Time Low
4443153Alessia CaraScars To Your Beautiful
4544141[3]Delta GoodremHeavy
4645159Alan WalkerAlone
4746927Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday
4847920HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
4948442Linkin Park feat. KiiaraHeavy
5049135Alessia CaraSeventeen

*There's love in the top 2 as Amy Lee extends her lead to be the outright longest No.1 of the year so far, entering the 4th week with 'Love Exists' - not far behind though is Lea Michele at a new peak of No.2 with 'Love Is Alive'
*Darren Criss led band Computer Games is up 3 positions this week to a new peak of No.3 with 'Every Single Night' - Criss can expect more entries next week as he guest stars on The Flash musical episode!
*Amy Lee doesn't only have the top spot this week, but the top debut as well. Taken from the upcoming film Voice From The Stone is the track 'Speak To Me', which debuts in at No.6
*Lorde has the highest and second highest rise of the week - 'Liability' being the 2nd highest, moving up 12 positions to a new peak of No.10, and the highest goes to 'Green Light' which is up 23 spots this week.
*Tumbling down the chart however, is Katy Perry, who was No.1 only 5 weeks ago and has just fallen 13 positions to No.18 with 'Chained To The Rhythm'

Worst Song:
The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay - Something Just Like This (3)
Lovely 7s for Automaton, and I do love seeing those Lorde rises. Heavydirtysoul is good too so I wouldn't mind seeing it go top 10.
TW LW TI HP ArtistTitle
1121[2]Harry StylesSign Of The Times
2672*LordeGreen Light
3NENE3*Shawn MendesThere's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
42101[6]Amy LeeLove Exists
5NENE5*Charlie PuthAttention
6372Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
8473Computer GamesEvery Single Night
1015510Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
11564Amy LeeSpeak To Me
12741[1]Beauty And The Beast CastThe Mob Song
13877Beauty And The Beast CastBelle
149132Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
15NENE15*Lady GaGaThe Cure
16NENE16*DNCE feat. Nicki MinajKissing Strangers
171194Lana Del ReyLove
18NENE18*ParamoreHard Times
2013911Twenty One PilotsHeavydirtysoul
2114119La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
2216105Ariana Grande / John LegendBeauty And The Beast
231796Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
2418204The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
25NENE25*Lana Del Rey feat. The WeekndLust For Life
2619139Michael MalarkeyScars
2720201[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
2821101[1]Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
2922141[2]Amber RunFickle Game
3023201[2]The WeekndParty Monster
31241417Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
3225201[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
3326155Ed SheeranShape Of You
34271510RihannaLove On The Brain
3528103Lady GaGaJohn Wayne
3629726Emma ThompsonBeauty And The Beast
37301814Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
38311722Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
3933175The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
4034530Ed SheeranGalway Girl
4135730Stargate feat. P!nk & SiaWaterfall
4236106Ansel ElgortThief
4337132Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
4438134Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
4539203The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
4640136Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
47412014Kat GrahamAll Your Love
48421414Olly MursYears And Years
49431411Green DayTroubled Times
50441326Childish GambinoRedbone

*Sorry this is late by several weeks. I archived the missed charts but won't bother posting them. I mostly listened to the same stuff and changes have been minimal up until this week. That said, 'Love Exists' by Amy Lee totalled 6 weeks at the top and 'The Mob Song' by Beauty and the Beast Cast had a week at the top.
*Harry Styles enters his second week at the top position with his new track 'Sign Of The Times' - The song marks the first No.1 for a One Directioner since One Direction took the spot with 'One Thing' for 4 weeks back in 2012
*Lorde has that 'Green Light' to keep moving up the chart, aquiring a brand new peak of No.2 this week
*Shawn Mendes has already seen some big action on the chart on his first few outings (3 songs in the 2016 EOY top 10, for starters) so it makes sense that his new single 'There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back' has the highest debut of the week, smashing in at No.3
*Charlie Puth hasn't done half bad either, this week he debuts at No.5 with 'Attention'
*Drake hasn't even been close to the top 10 in years, but with 'Passionfruit' everything changes, it's the largest rise of the week - moving up 23 spots to a new peak of No.9
*Lady Gaga may have finally found 'The Cure' to her chart woes in the new track, debuting in at No.15
*DNCE are back on the chart, this time with the help of Nicki Minaj - 'Kissing Strangers' enters in at No.16
*Paramore had one of the biggest hits of 2013, finishing inside the top 5 EOY with 'Still Into You', and are now returning with 'Hard Times' in at No.18
*Last for the debuts is Lana Del Rey featuring The Weeknd with their new track 'Lust For Life', the follow up single to 'Love'

Worst Song:
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
Sign Of The Times is better than Niall and certianly Louis' solo tracks. I'd love to see Green Light at #1, especially if the alternative is Shawn Mendes. The Cure and Hard Times are good and will surely grow on me with more listens, I also like the rises for Liability, Passionfruit and Symphony.
I suck because I'm yet to hear new Gaga and Paramore, I'm a bit behind this week. Great to see Lana and Jamiroquai reasonably up there despite dropping. Excellent moves for Liability and Passionfruit, especially would like to see the latter go even further.
Nice to see Harry Styles at #1, as well as Shawn Mendes debut and Clean Bandit hit the Top 10. Great debuts for Lady Gaga, DNCE and Paramore too!
1131[3]Harry StylesSign Of The Times
2322Shawn MendesThere's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
3523Charlie PuthAttention
41624*DNCE feat. Nicki MinajKissing Strangers
51525*Lady GaGaThe Cure
6282LordeGreen Light
74111[6]Amy LeeLove Exists
81068Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
91829*ParamoreHard Times
1025210*Lana Del Rey feat. The WeekndLust For Life
11883Computer GamesEvery Single Night
1223106*Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
13682Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
161174Amy LeeSpeak To Me
1714142Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
181251[1]Beauty And The Beast CastThe Mob Song
191387Beauty And The Beast CastBelle
20NENE20*Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana GrandeQuit
21201011Twenty One PilotsHeavydirtysoul
2217104Lana Del ReyLove
23NENE23*Fall Out BoyYoung And Menace
2522115Ariana Grande / John LegendBeauty And The Beast
2624214The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
2726149Michael MalarkeyScars
2827211[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
2928111[1]Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
3021129La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
3129151[2]Amber RunFickle Game
3230211[2]The WeekndParty Monster
3344144*Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
34311517Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
3532211Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
36341610RihannaLove On The Brain
3735113Lady GaGaJohn Wayne
38371914Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
39381822Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
4039185The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
4140630Ed SheeranGalway Girl
4241830Stargate feat. P!nk & SiaWaterfall
4342116Ansel ElgortThief
4443142Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
4545213The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
4646146Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
47472114Kat GrahamAll Your Love
4833165Ed SheeranShape Of You
49NENE49*Kygo & Ellie GouldingFirst Time
5036826Emma ThompsonBeauty And The Beast

*Harry Styles lengthens his reign on the top by another week as 'Sign Of The Times' becomes the equal 2nd longest No.1 of the year thus far - hitting it's 3rd week atop the chart.
*Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth found massive success in 2016 and now both are residing in the top 3 as Mendes moves up 1 to a new No.2 peak with 'There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back' and Puth moves up 2 to a No.3 peak with 'Attention'
*DNCE & Nicki Minaj find themselves riding the 2nd biggest rise of the week as 'Kissing Strangers' shoots right into the No.4 position, the highest position achieved by the band.
*Lady Gaga is up 10 to a new peak of No.5 with her new song 'The Cure'
*Paramore moves into the top 10 as well this week, halving their previous position to bring themselves to a new peak of No.9 with 'Hard Times'
*Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd have the largest rise of the week - shooting up 15 positions to a new peak of No.10 with 'Lust For Life', the title track from her upcoming album.
*Kygo & Selena Gomez are back up 11 to No.12 following the release of the music video for 'It Ain't Me'
*Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande are in with the top debut at No.20 with their new song 'Quit'
*Not far behind is Fall Out Boy with 'Young and Menace' at No.23 - the bands last big hit on the chart was 'The Phoenix' which peaked at No.1 in 2013
*Kygo & Ellie Goulding debut as well, though much further down the chart at No.49 with their song 'First Time'

Worst Song:
Katy Perry feat. Migos - Bon Appetit^
^Katy would usually find success on this chart - hell, she had a No.1 THIS YEAR on it - but this follow up single is a heaping pile of garbage
Quit was nice but I found Young And Menace to be disappointing. Also despite what a lot of people think, I actually kinda like First Time too. Good to see Kissing Strangers and The Cure move up.
TW LW TI HP ArtistTitle
1141[4]Harry StylesSign Of The Times
2232Shawn MendesThere's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
31033*Lana Del Rey feat. The WeekndLust For Life
4434DNCE feat. Nicki MinajKissing Strangers
5333Charlie PuthAttention
62026*Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana GrandeQuit
7937ParamoreHard Times
8535Lady GaGaThe Cure
9NENE9*VigilandFriday Night
10878Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
11NENE11*Niall HoranSlow Hands
12692LordeGreen Light
137121[6]Amy LeeLove Exists
141193Computer GamesEvery Single Night
1512116Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
161392Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
1717152Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
191684Amy LeeSpeak To Me
201861[1]Beauty And The Beast CastThe Mob Song
211997Beauty And The Beast CastBelle
22211111Twenty One PilotsHeavydirtysoul
2341723*Ed SheeranGalway Girl
2422114Lana Del ReyLove
2523223Fall Out BoyYoung And Menace
2825125Ariana Grande / John LegendBeauty And The Beast
2926224The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
3027159Michael MalarkeyScars
3128221[1]Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
3229121[1]Katy Perry feat. Skip MarleyChained To The Rhythm
3330139La La Land CastAnother Day Of Sun
3431161[2]Amber RunFickle Game
35NENE35*ParamoreTold You So
3632221[2]The WeekndParty Monster
3733154Ed SheeranCastle On The Hill
38NENE38*PWR BTTMAnswer My Text
39341617Ryan Gosling, Emma StoneA Lovely Night
4035221[2]Britney Spears feat. TinasheSlumber Party
41382014Lady GaGaMillion Reasons
42391922Ryan Gosling & Emma StoneCity Of Stars
4340195The Vamps & MatomaAll Night
4444152Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
45NENE45*Nothing But ThievesAmsterdam
4645223The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
4746156Max feat. GnashLights Down Low
48472214Kat GrahamAll Your Love
4949249Kygo & Ellie GouldingFirst Time
50NENE50*Miriam BryantRocket

*Harry Styles beats out some very close competition this week and continues his lead at the top spot with 'Sign Of The Times', a run that could be strengthened by his upcoming self-titled album. This week marks the 4th week he has been at the top, making his the second longest run of the year thus far.
*Lana Del Rey is reaching for the peak herself, as she climbs 7 positions with the help of The Weeknd to a new peak of No.3 with 'Lust For Life' - the second top 5 hit for Lana and 4th for The Weeknd this year.
*Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande aren't exactly finding difficulty in getting a holding on the chart either, moving up 14 positions to a brand new peak of No.6 with 'Quit'
*Vigiland has their first hit and highest debut on the chart this week as 'Friday Night' blasts into the No.9 spot
*Not far behind, Niall Horan may be hoping to replicate Harry's post One Direction success, for now he's settling for a No.11 debut with his track 'Slow Hands'
*Ed Sheeran has the largest rise of the week, shifting 18 positions to a new peak of No.23 with his song 'Galway Girl', following the release of the video
*Paramore's follow up to 'Hard Times' (TW-7) is in at No.35 this week, 'Told You So'
*PWR BTTM, Nothing But Thieves and Mirriam Bryant all have their first hits on the chart as well as 'Answer My Text', 'Amsterdam' and 'Rocket' all debut at No.38, No.45 and No.50 respectively.

Worst Song:
DJ Khaled - I'm The One
I am guiltily loving Shawn Mendes so great to see that top 2! Great debut for Niall and I'm also really getting around this Nothing But Thieves track
Omg Vigiland in your chart. I haven't heard that one. And omg PWR BTTM charting too. Slow Hands I enjoyed more than I expected too, so I'm really pleased it debuted so high. Lust For Life, Quit and Hard Times all moving up is splendid.

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