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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts - Beanster's Best & Worst of 1991 (sort of)

Well it's coming to that time of the year again where we all celebrate our favorite tracks of the year.
But not so for me, I will endeavor to do some sort of BEST OF 2016 list at some point in time.
So for now i'm going to be sharing some of my most favorite things of 1991 and also some other cringe worthy celebrations.

With thanks to GavinScott and his 'This week in 1991' chart blog which i've been following since 1988 and will continue to do so.

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Instead of focusing on the best, i'm starting with the worst
These 10 singles all charted in the Australian TOP 50 in 1991 and in my opinion are so bad, some are better left back in '91 or to of never been released at all.

10. Arnee & The Terminaters - I'll Be Back


Ok, well for obvious reasons we know why this was gonna be a big deal.
The song parodies both Austrian actor Arnold ("Arnie") Schwarzenegger's in-film catchphrase, "I'll be back" and his role in the Terminator films, particularly Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which had been released the previous month. Many phrases from the latter film are featured, such as "I'll be back", "Hasta la vista, baby", "It's nothing personal" and "I swear I will not hurt anybody".
Arnee and the Terminaters were a British novelty one-hit wonder band (no wonder).

Thanks to wikipedia.

9. Snap! - Mary Had A Little Boy


I remember liking this a lot more in the mid 90's more than I do now.
It's very cringe worthy and out of all the Snap! singles it has aged terribly.
It was released as the fourth and final single from their debut studio album, World Power.
The song's lyrics are based on the nineteenth century Nursery rhyme, 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'.

8. Transvision Vamp - (I Just Wanna) B With U


After all the success and accolades of their previous work on 'Pop Art' & 'Velveteen', Transvision Vamp returned 1n 1991 with this mediocre turd.
It had all been said and done before by Wendy James & co. and was a really big let down and would ultimately be there last foray onto our charts or anywhere else.

7. Cher - Love And Understanding


In the late 80's and early 90's Cher was everywhere, some would say she was Madonna's biggest rival around this time.
After the success of 1989's 'Heart Of Stone' Cher first returned in '91 with a delightful pop effort (The Shoop Shoop Song) for the film 'Mermaids' starring herself, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, and Bob Hoskins.
Then this, the official lead single from 'Love Hurts'. Well this does hurt, it's lifeless, boring and so expected at the time from her, the total opposite of what 'The Shoop Shoop Song' is.
Fortunately we didn't see Cher in our charts again until 1998 with the help of computers and a vocoder.

6. Living Colour - Love Rears It's Ugly Head


I still find this track highly over rated, the guitar bits are nice but it just grates my gears in all honesty.

Released from their second album 'Time's Up', it is in the style of most of the group's previous singles, a rock song with touches of R&B, especially in the vocals. It is most noted for its funk-style guitar parts that permeate throughout the entire song.
It would remain to this day as their only entry into the Australian TOP 50.

5. Color Me Badd - All 4 Love


This is the kind of chessy pop that at some point you admit that you liked.
Fortunately C.M.B. were good at producing the goods in this department (could've featured them twice here alone).
Funnily this is a former Billboard #1 (the shame) and world wide smash for this Oklahoma R&B Group.
With there chessy colour clashed suits in the clip and the fun boppy video this was all over things 90210 & Melrose Place.

4. Diesle - Love Junk


In August 1991, as Johnny Diesel, his solo career was launched after moderate and critically acclaimed success with The Injectors.
I enjoyed all of The Injectors releases but to this day i'm still confussed as to what he was trying to achieve here? Was he trying to be a rapper? Was he trying to be cool? Or was he just trying to find his audience? Only Johnny will know but for me it's still his worst release ever!
Fortunately Diesel toured Australia with Barnes during the second half of the year. He had signed with EMI Music Australia and his second single, "Come to Me", was released in November under the epithet Diesel—subsequent releases saw him billed as Diesel until 1998.

3. Jimmy Barnes - I Gotcha


Jimmy had been a chart stayer for some years now, starting with Cold Chisel before going solo in '84. I had never been the biggest far of Barnes until 1990's 'Two Fires' was released and subsequent single 'When Your Love Is Gone'.
I was actually very surprised when this turned up on the charts but also excited as at the time I was heavily listening to his back catalog.
It was at this moment it all changed for me and Jimmy became a hit'n'miss artist, I did not enjoy much of the 'Soul Deep' project and this shocker (even the original by Joe Tex) will still be one of my most hated tracks of his.
He just sounds so rapey and desperate, so much so it's one of few songs I rarely get through fully.

2. MC Hammer - Here Comes The Hammer


I think it was inevitable to not pick a Hammer track so it was this or the abhorrent '2 Ligit 2 Quit'. This is pretty much a self indulgent love fest about how the Hammer is gonna rip up the stage. Seriously the guy had more hype than carrot top's stage presence and a wardrobe budget that could match Prince at his best.
Released as the fourth single off his debut 'Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em' fortunately it wasn't long until this silly man was no longer selling records due to financial woes.

1. Vanilla Ice - Play That Funky Music


Now if your gonna have Hammer in your list you've surely gotta have his white brother from another mother Vanilla Ice aswell.
The man who's claim to fame was ripping off Queen & Bowies sample with a word to your mother!
Like 'Ice Ice Baby' Vanilla found himself again in the courts for not crediting original songwriter Robert Parissi (Wild Cherry) and again was out of pocket, this time a cool half a mil.
At the best of times I loath critiquing cover versions but this can't be ignored. This interpretation like the previous lacks imagination and also like his black brother Hammer is self indulgent love fest about ripping up the stage. Damn these rappers are good!
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I hated love rears as a kid but I absolutely love it and find it an epic track these days. At times I get goosebumps when I hear his rocking voice.
Good thread idea.
#10 doesn't actually stay in my long term memory, but I recall it as a dodgy experience when I had listened to it.
#9 to #6 are all fine to me... Not of 'Top 10' class but not too much worse.
An observation I'd make of #8 is that it was a different turn for Transvision Vamp. Listening to it again this year, it had me thinking the melody and style would have blended reasonably well as a cut from INXS's "X" album (barring the vocals of course) so I found some favour in the song for that reason. All later material was a disappointment however, contributing to their demise.
Haha I love All 4 Love
I suppose I should be glad I'm not very familiar with that top 10

10. YOTHU YINDI - Tribal Voice

Critically acclaimed and very popular album due to the smash hit 'Treaty'.
I never went into listening to this expecting to like it and my expectations weren't let down. There isn't enough variety to my liking and the language barrier also hinders any chance of redemption.

9. DIRE STRAITS - On Every Street

Apart from the brilliant masterpiece that is 'Calling Elvis' this really does go nowhere fast, which surprises even now considering how much I like 'Brothers In Arms'.
Production wise it's faultless, I guess it just has never grabbed me and has always been a bit disappointing.

8. NATALIE COLE - Unforgettable: With Love

For a album with such admiration it leaves you feeling drained and chore like listening pleasure. Sure the girl can sing but the over production really bugs you to the point it feels like your listening to a Disney soundtrack.
For one of the highest selling albums world wide in 1991 it really is a head scratcher, undoubtedly the duet with her father Nat 'King' Cole dragged a few in but nothing else comes close.


I swear every man and his dog owned this soundtrack and it's the main reason why I still to this day despise 'Mustang Sally'.
Personally it was over exposure to this and really not getting what all the fuss was about. Maybe I should sit through the movie at some stage but then again the music will probly ruin it for me

6. KYLIE MINOGUE - Let's Get To It

By this point in her career Kylie was trying to mature as an artist and was losing the girl next door persona. Musically though I really don't think she was evolving or releasing anything of brilliance.
There is absolutely not hit songs here and nothing new, in fact it was step back and felt like a lesser version of 'Rhythm Of Love'.

5. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

To be honest I didn't warm to the chili peppers until the mid 90's and I still struggle to understand why the were so huge at this time.
Apart from the singles everything else here does not work for me, it's messy, noisy and most of nonsensical.
Even on a few of their later releases they have this problem but this album brings it to a whole new level.

4. MARIAH CAREY - Emotions

Like the chili peppers, Mariah was again another artist I struggled to understand. After a pretty solid self titled debut I was expecting more from 'Emotions', again apart from the singles there is nothing of substance and like Kylie earlier I feel this was a step back in quality aswell.
Just more Mariah wailing about love and all that other nonsense.

3. KATE CEBERANO - Think About It!

Not the most obvious of choices but I Kate really was trying way to hard on this career move into the pop world, in fact it borders on cringe worthy.
It really is unfortunate because previous album 'Brave' was a really solid about with hints of pop influences but here she's gone all out Dannii/Kylie and forgot to use what is her biggest asset which the Minogue's lack (at times) her voice.
Undoubtedly one of this countries greatest female voices wasted on an image desire to be frank.

2. JIMMY BARNES - Soul Deep

I'm gonna say it, this is in my opinion Jimmy's low point and what's even worse he's made a career out of it and spawned many other projects because of it.
Apart from the surprisingly delightful '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher' and duet with John Farnham 'When Something Is Wrong With My Baby' everything is blah! I don't hate it, I just can't tolerate it and does something to his vocal delivery.
I prefer my Jimmy to be rocking the night away in all honesty.

1. VAN HALEN - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

The title alone is enough to put you off!
Also known as F.U.C.K. an acronym for the phrase "for unlawful carnal knowledge" was their ninth studio album and came about because censorship at the time was at an all time high in corporate America.
It was lead singer Sammy Hagar's middle finger to censorship.
Lead single 'Poundcake' was pretty much the only shinning light in what can only be described as a blues record stuffed with more zigzagging guitars than a death metal album but they forgot one thing! They forgot the rock'n'roll.
It's a busy, heavy unrelentingly grind of staleness.
It's basically what Metallica would later call 'St. Anger' but fortunately for Metallica they had time to recover.
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Aww...poor Transvision Vamp. I actually like that song as it was different for them, and showed some progression in their sound, even if it was only subtle. The weak, breathy vocals were reminiscent of Madonna's "Justify My Love", but I admit the chorus is very basic. Unfortunately for them, and many artists, a few years break makes it hard to keep up with the shift in popular music style in the charts, and they bombed.

Cher did produce a seemingly weak track with "Love And Understanding", but it was nothing different from her album tracks from HOS. She was just kidding herself that we would by it as a single...ha ha!

I'm surprised you would find Living Colour so bad, but understand. It's definitely love or hate for that one, and while I'm in the love, I can also see the other side.

"Love Junk" was actually part of our initial Battle Of The Bands set list when I was in Year 11, as I think it was basically one chord for the verses...heh heh. We were all learning our instruments at the time, so I guess Diesel was also learning how to be a solo artist.

And one last one... Kylie's "Let's Get To It" is actually possibly my favourite Kylie album...ha ha. There's something about it that makes it more cohesive than her other albums. While the singles broke her out of the SAW sound to some extent (and yes, Word Is Out is forgettable), the album track are actually pretty good. I love that "Too Much Of A Good Thing" is really sung totally by the backing singers, with Kylie as part of that group. But maybe it's the underplaying of that album on radio that makes it easier to tolerate.

Oh, and yeah, The Commitments soundtrack would be easier to swallow after watching the movie.

Agree with the rest, and with no mention of The Simpsons anywhere, just shows how bad these all were.

Love the list Beanster, and the idea.

Agree totally with your sentiments over this phase of Jimmy Barnes' career.

I only remember, and agree with, #6 and #1 of your worst singles.
Well I love rears... I mean I love Love Rears. I really hope everyone is talking about the 'dancey' single mix (i.e. the Soulpower Mix) and not the god-awful 'rocky' album version?

Anyway, I like #9 to #3 of your worst Beanie so booooo!
Emotions is Mariah's worst 90's album imo. There's one or two album tracks that I like besides the first and second single but it is a bit of a labourious listen.

A surprisingly diverse worst list, looking forward to the top hits!
During the late 80's to mid 90's I was a huge movie buff, more so than music so my knowledge for classic cheesy movie's is pretty good.
For those that don't know my favorite genre would have to be a good comedy but I also like action, horror & sci-fi.
To be honest i'm pretty open to anything with a good story and great acting.

Below is what I believe were 10 of the best from the year 1991, enjoy

To start with honorable mentions go to the following movies.


10. HOOK

Director Steven Speilberg
Starring Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts
Genre Fantasy Adventure

The story revolves around Peter Banning (aka Peter Pan) played by Robin Williams, a successful corporate lawyer living in San Francisco. As a workaholic, he spends little time with his wife, Moira, and children, 12-year-old Jack and 7-year-old Maggie.
The children are then kidnapped by Hook (Dustin Hoffman) and are returned to Neverland, Peter returns to Neverland in order to save them. Along the journey he reclaims the memories of his past.

For it's time the screenplay and animations are pretty spectacular and as always Robin plays the perfect Peter Pan.

FUN FACT: Spielberg began developing the film in the early 1980s with Walt Disney Productions and Paramount Pictures, which would have followed the story line seen in the 1924 silent film and 1953 animated film. It entered pre-production in 1985, but Spielberg abandoned the project.
So in essence it should've been a Disney film


Director Kevin Reynolds
Starring Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater
Genre Romantic Action Adventure

Loosely based on the fairy tale which is Robin Hood but with a more realistic approach of medieval England.
Where Robin is sworn to protect the life Marian after escaping a Jerusalem prison where fellow escapee Peter is mortally wounded by an archer.
Robin returns to England to find his father dead and The Sheriff Of Nottingham oppressing the people. Robin then encounters a band of outlaws in Sherwood forest and soon assumes command of the group in return he trains them to defend themselves. And so the story goes...

Again like Hook but without the magic of animation, the screenplay and cinematography is really sublime for it's time. The acting at times is a bit slap stick but doesn't degrade the movie.
The late Allan Rickman plays the brilliant role of George, The Sheriff Of Nottingham.


Director Rachel Talalay
Starring Robert Englund
Genre Slasher / Horror

Also known as A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy's Dead or A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: The Final Nightmare.
A 3D slasher film and the sixth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. As the title suggests, it was intended to be the last film in the series however, the success of the film prevented the series from ending.
It is the sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child and is followed by Wes Craven's New Nightmare, which takes place outside the series' canon.

In 1999 Freddy has returned and killed nearly every child and teenager except Alice Johnson and her son Jacob but have left town unbeknown to Freddy. An teenager only known as John Doe is confronted by Freddy in his dream and is knocked out of the city limits by Freddy.
The rest you can view for yourself

Seriously though, my ex was the big factor in making this as she was a huge horror film buff and the Nightmare On Elm St series was always a favorite. This also (beside part 3) is my most recognized of the series.

If you can ignore the cheesiness of it all and rely only on the story line (it does help going back to part 1) you can get a lot out of this film or series.

FUN FACT: Musical score was provided by Brian May of Queen.


Director David Zucker
Starring Leslie Nelson, Priscilla Presley, O.J. Simpson
Genre Comedy

It is the sequel to the 1988 film The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
if your familiar with that then your sure to have a belly ache at the bumbling and sometimes coarse Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen).


Director Jim Abrahams
Starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer
Genre Comedy Spoof

Beating out The Naked Gun 2½ as best comedy for the year, you just can't go this as one of Charlie Sheen's best performance.
Subtly stupid and moronic at times, the gags are relevant and true to the script.


Director Kathryn Bigelow
Starring Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey
Genre Action Crime Thriller

FBI Agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) is assigned in investigating a string of bank robberies by the "Ex-Presidents".
Pursuing Pappas' theory that the criminals are surfers, Utah goes undercover.
The acting in this is intense and has a very cool storyline, was part of the reason I took up surfing as a teenager.


Director James Cameron
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong
Genre Sci-Fi Action

The film's visual effects saw breakthroughs in computer-generated imagery, including the first use of natural human motion for a computer-generated character and the first partially computer-generated main character. Terminator 2 was a critical and commercial success and influenced popular culture, especially the use of visual effects in films.

Thanks to wikipedia


Director Oliver Stone
Starring Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Billy Idol
Genre Biographical Rockumentary

Basically it's the story of the famous 60's band of the same name which emphasizes the life of its lead singer, Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer).
The film portrays Morrison as the larger-than-life icon of 1960s rock and roll, counterculture, and the drug-using free love hippie lifestyle. But the depiction goes beyond the iconic: his alcoholism, interest in the spiritual plane and hallucinogenic drugs as entheogens, and, particularly, his growing obsession with death are threads which weave in and out of the film.


Director Daniel Petrie Jnr
Starring Sean Astin, Louis Gossett Jnr
Genre Action Drama

The plot revolves around an all-male boarding school overtaken by terrorists. While the authorities remain helpless, a group of rebellious and mischievous students decide to put their resourcefulness to good use.


Director Tony Scott
Starring Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans
Genre Action

Private investigator and disgraced former secret service agent and a banned former NFL star team up together reluctantly to try and get to the bottom of why there paths crossed in the first place.
Revolving around legalized gambling in sport and the mob.
I've loved a lot of Bruce Willis films over the years and this one is always a fave of mine to watch. Damon Wayans also proves to be a great acting coup considering his comical background. But it's Darian's performance who steals it for me, Joe's (Bruce Willis) abrasive daughter.
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Often as the case with a majority of people, film clips captivate music loving audiences and will always be a selling point to a new listener.
A lot of the time and especially during the 90's for me, I simply loved a song just for it's film clip, even hearing a song I still invision the film clip but may not of seen it for years.
Since the inception of MTV in 1981 the promo clip (as it was once called) revolutionized the way music was marketed, iconic performers like Michael Jackson and Madoona turned it into an art form and it was the norm for people to anticipate a premier of an artists new single (video) on shows like Countdown and then RAGE.
Unlike today I don't get that same instant buzz when watching the latest Youtube phenomenon or what new controversy Lady Gaga is gonna release.
I still enjoy watching them I just don't get the same amount of anticipation like when singles were still being released physically at your local record store.

The following is the best videos released in 1991 (chart debut on ARIA)

 30THE SIMPSONSDo The Bartman 
 28THE KLFLast Train To Transcentral 
 27CHRIS ISAAKWicked Game 
 25CROWDED HOUSEChocolate Cake 
 24NATALIE COLE with NAT KING COLEUnforgettable 
 22C + C MUSIC FACTORYThings That Make You Go Hmm 
 21JANE'S ADDICTIONBeen Caught Stealing 
 20HOODOO GURUSMissfree Love '69 
 19INXSBy My Side 
 18U2The Fly 
 17NIRVANASmells Like Teen Spirit 
 16CHERThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) 
 15ROD STEWARTThe Motown Song 
 14JENNY MORRISBreak In The Weather 
 13JULIAN LENNONSaltwater 
 12MASSIVE ATTACKUnfinished Symphony 
 11DIRE STRAITSCalling Elvis 
 10GUNS'N'ROSESDon't Cry 
 9MARTIKAMartika's Kitchen 
 8MALCOLM McLARENOperaa House 
 7R.E.M.Shiny Happy People 
 5PAULA ABDULRush, Rush 
 4METALLICAEnter Sandman 
Thanks for the shout out (even if you got the wrong Gavin!).

I'll also stick up for Kylie's Let's Get To It, All 4 Love and Kate Ceberano's Think About It. I owned Emotions at the time, but got rid of it when the Greatest Hits 2CD came out.

Totally with you, though, when it comes to your Arnee, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Diesel and Barnsey choices.

My top picks for 1991 are here:


So sorry mate but you knew who I meant, always get yourself and Gavin Ryan mixed up

Anyway mate happy new year and looking forward to '84, '87 & '92 blogs this year.

 09BABY ANIMALSBaby Animals 
 08RICHIE SAMBORAStranger In This Town 
 05GUNS'N'ROSESUse Your Illusion I & II 
 04U2Achtung Baby 

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# = Position on EOY
DNP = Did Not Place On EOY
DNC = Did Not Chart On Personal

 100Amy GrantEvery Heartbeat#76 
 99Natural SelectionDo AnythingDNP 
 98The Black CrowesShe Talks To AngelsDNP 
 97The Rockmelons FEAT Deni HinesAin't No SunshineDNP 
 96Lenny KravitzAlways On The RunDNP 
 95Gang StarrLovesickDNP 
 94RoxusWhere Are You Now#43 
 93RoxetteSpending My TimeDNP 
 92Cathy DennisJust Another Dream#86 
 91Rod StewartRhythm Of My Heart#14 

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 90LL Cool JMama Said Knock You OutDNP 
 89Daryl BraithwaiteHigher Than HopeDNP 
 88Bryan AdamsThere Will Never Be Another TonightDNP 
 87The KLF3am Eternal#13 
 86Jesus JonesRight Here, Right NowDNP 
 85C + C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat#30 
 84Massive AttackUnfinished SympathyDNC 
 83John FarnhamPlease Don't Ask Me (Live)DNP 
 82De La SoulRing, Ring, Ring (Ha Ha Hey)#50 
 81RatcatDon't Go Now#29 

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 80DieselCome To MeDNP 
 79Deborah ConwayIt's Only The Beginning#70 
 78Right Said FredI'm Too Sexy#51 
 77Guns'N'RosesDon't Cry#41 
 76Jon Bon JoviNever Say DieDNC 
 75Jimmy Barnes & John FarnhamWhen Something Is Wrong With My Baby#93 
 74Red Hot Chili PeppersGive It AwayDNP 
 73Guns'N'RosesLive And Let DieDNP 
 72Bryan AdamsCan't Stop This Thing We Started#46 
 71PrimusJerry Was A Race Car DriverDNC 

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 70The 2 Live CrewPop That CoochieDNC 
 69Garth BrooksThe RiverDNC 
 68Mr. BungleQuote UnquoteDNC 
 67Beats Of BourbonChase The DragonDNC 
 66New Kids On The BlockGamesDNP 
 65Elisa FiorilloOn The Way Up#91 
 64Wendy MatthewsLet's Kiss (Like Angels Do)#66 
 63Celine DionWhere Does My Heart Beat NowDNP 
 62ScorpionsWind Of Change#40 
 61R.E.M.Losing My Religion#23 

Last edited:
 60Salt'N'PepaDo You Want Me#34 
 59Natalie Cole WITH Nat King ColeUnforgettable#53 
 58Boyz II MenMotownphillyDNP 
 57Crystal WatersGypsy Woman (She's Homeless)#80 
 56C + C Music FactoryThings That Make You Go Hmmm#25 
 55RoxetteFading Like A Flower (Everytime You Leave)#61 
 54The RembrandtsJust The Way It Is, BabyDNP 
 53Guns'N'RosesYou Could Be Mine#2 
 52Julee CruiseFalling#56 
 51The SimpsonsDo The Bartman#11 
 49Daryl BraithwaiteThe Horses#4 
 48UB40Kingston TownDNP 
 47Rod StewartThe Motown SongDNP 
 46Southern SonsHold Me In Your Arms#33 
 45NirvanaSmells Like Teen SpiritDNP 
 44Michael JacksonBlack Or White#96 
 43The Screaming JetsBetter#6 
 42NoiseworksHot Chilli Woman#38 
 41Baby AnimalsEarly Warning#83 
 40INXSBitter TearsDNP 
 39MetallicaThe UnforgivenDNP 
 38Bryan AdamsEverything I Do (I Do It For You)#17 
 37Crowded HouseFall At Your FeetDNP 
 36The KLFLast Train To Transcentral#24 
 34Dimples DSucker DJ#59 
 33ExtremeMore Than Words#19 
 32Marc CohnWalking In Memphis#60 
 31GenesisNo Son Of MineDNP 
 30Baby AnimalsRush YouDNP 
 29CherThe Shoop Shoop Song#7 
 28Big Audio Dynamite IIThe GlobeDNP 
 27Garth BrooksWhat She's Doing NowDNC 
 26Michael JacksonDangerousDNC 
 25Another Bad CreationIesha#74 
 24Dire StraitsCalling Elvis#92 
 23Belinda CarlisleLive Your Life Be Free#79 
 22Amy GrantBaby Baby#12 
 21MartikaMartika's KitchenDNP 
 20Stevie B.Because I Love You (The Postman Song)#21 
 19George Michael & Elton JohnDon't Let The Sun Go Down On MeDNP 
 18Prince & The New Power GenerationCream#78 
 17Robbie NevilJust Like You#36 
 16Marky Mark & The Funky BunchGood Vibrations#37 
 15Rick AstleyCry For Help#44 
 14Julian LennonSaltwaterDNP 
 13Jenny MorrisBreak In The Weather#27 
 12Hoodoo GurusMiss Freelove '69#58 
 11Toni ChildsI've Got To Go Now#10 
 10Jimmy BarnesWhen Your Love Is Gone#9 
 09MetallicaEnter Sandman#20 
 08Prince & The New Power GenerationGett Off#39 
 07U2The Fly#62 
 05R.E.M.Shiny Happy People#100 
 04Paula AbdulRush, Rush#15 
 03INXSBy My SideDNP 
 02Chris IsaakWicked Game#63 

 100R.E.M.Shiny Happy People352#9 
 99Cathy DennisTouch Me (All Night Long)353#13 
 98John Farnham Burn For You353#6 
 97Jon Bon JoviMiracle354#2 
 96Michael JacksonBlack Or White356#1 
 95MetallicaThe Unforgiven361#1 
 94MelissaSexy (Is The Word)364#13 
 93Jimmy Barnes & John FarnhamWhen Something Is Wrong With My Baby370#3 
 92Dire StraitsCalling Elvis372#1 
 91Elisa FiorilloOn The Way Up373#14 
 90BingoboysHow To Dance381#13 
 89Heavy D & The BoyzNow That We Found Love386#16 
 88MadonnaJustify My Love390#3 
 87Mariah CareyEmotions396#14 
 86Cathy DennisJust Another Dream404#12 
 85Living ColourLove Rears It's Ugly Head409#20 
 84RoxetteThe Big L.411#10 
 83Baby AnimalsEarly Warning414#12 
 82Maria McKeeShow Me Heaven415#11 
 812 In A RoomWiggle It417#13 
 80Crystal WatersGypsy Woman (She's Homeless)417#3 
 79Belinda CarlisleLive Your Life Be Free422#4 
 78Prince & The New Power GenerationCream425#1 
 77Kylie MinogueShocked434#9 
 76Amy GrantEvery Heartbeat438#7 
 75Kylie MinogueWhat Do I Have To Do439#4 
 74Another Bad CreationIesha440#7 
 73Icy BluPump It (Nice'N'Hard)441#18 
 72EnigmaSadness Part #1441#11 
 71James ReyneSlave442#3 
 70Deborah ConwayIt's Only The Beginning445#9 
 69Lenny KravitzIt Ain't Over Till It's Over445#9 
 68MC HammerPray447#13 
 67Bette MidlerFrom A Distance450#14 
 66Wendy MatthewsLet's Kiss (Like Angels Do)453#4 
 65Mariah CareyLove Takes Time456#11 
 64Yothu YindiTreaty457#21 
 63Chris IsaakWicked Game461#5 
 62U2The Fly469#1 
 61RoxetteFading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave Me)474#12 
 60Marc CohenWalking In Memphis478#1 
 59Dimples DSucker DJ494#5 
 58Hoodoo GurusMiss Freelove '69496#9 
 57WarrantCherry Pie496#1 
 56Julee CruiseFalling498#6 
 55Color Me BaddI Wanna Sex You Up507#14 
 53Natalie Cole WITH Nat King ColeUnforgettable512#8 
 52Janet JacksonLove Will Never Do (Without You)514#4 
 51Right Said FredI'm Too Sexy515#4 

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Oh no at The Horses at #49
 50De La SoulRing Ring Ring (Ha, Ha, Hey)518#9 
 49Vanilla IceIce Ice Baby519#9 
 48MartikaLove...Thy Will Be Done532#11 
 46Bryan AdamsCan't Stop This Thing We Started537#5 
 45Iggy Pop FEAT Kate PearsonCandy537#1 
 44Rick AstleyCry For Help544#3 
 43RoxusWhere Are You Now?545#5 
 42The Righteous BrothersUnchained Melody548#3 
 41Guns'N'RosesDon't Cry552#1 
 40ScorpionsWind Of Change560#7 
 39Prince & The New Power GenerationGett Off560#1 
 38NoiseworksHot Chilli Woman571#1 
 37Marky Mark & The Funky BunchGood Vibrations571#1 
 36Robbie NevilJust Like You573#3 
 35Black BoxFantasy576#8 
 34Salt'N'PepaDo You Want Me578#9 
 33Southern SonsHold Me In Your Arms580#1 
 32Soup DragonsI'm Free581#6 
 31MelissaRead My Lips586#8 
 30C + C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat587#8 
 29RatcatDon't Go Now591#1 
 28UB40 & Robert PalmerI'll Be Your Baby Tonight592#1 
 27Jenny MorrisBreak In The Weather594#2 
 26George MichaelFreedom '90618#8 
 25C + C Music FactoryThings That Make You Go Hmmm628#3 
 24The KLFLast Train To Transcentral634#1 
 23R.E.M.Losing My Religion641#5 
 22UB40Here I Am (Come And Take Me)653#5 
 21Stevie B.Because I Love You (The Postman Song)654#1 
 20MetallicaEnter Sandman665#1 
 19ExtremeMore Than Words673#5 
 18Big Audio Dynamite IIRush679#3 
 17Bryan AdamsEverything I Do (I Do It For You)691#2 
 16LondonbeatI've Been Thinking About You699#3 
 15Paula AbdulRush, Rush716#1 
 14Rod StewartRhythm Of My Heart717#4 
 13The KLF3am Eternal720#1 
 12Amy GrantBaby Baby739#1 
 11The SimpsonsDo The Bartman746#1 
 10Toni ChildI've Got To Go Now753#1 
 09Jimmy BarnesWhen Your Love Is Gone770#1 
 08John Travolta & Olivia Newton-JohnGrease Megamix788#5 
 07CherThe Shoop Shoop Song793#4 
 06The Screaming JetsBetter793#1 
 05DivinylsI Touch Myself821#1 
 04Daryl BraithwaiteThe Horses828#7 
 02Guns'N'RosesYou Could Be Mine917#1 
 01RatcatThat Ain't Bad936#3 

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