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KISS God Gave Rock & Roll To You II 1991 14/06/1992 18 15
KISS Let's Put The X In Sex 1988 12/02/1989 49 2
KISS Psycho Circus 1998 27/09/1998 22 2
KISS We Are One 1998 29/11/1998 40 1
Kisschasy Dinosaur   28/03/2010 38 10
Kisschasy Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's 2005 17/07/2005 25 5
Kisschasy Face Without A Name 2005 06/11/2005 41 1
Kisschasy Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night 2007 24/06/2007 10 20
Kisschasy Spray On Pants 2007 25/11/2007 47 2
Kisschasy The Shake 2006 12/03/2006 25 2
KISS (You Make Me) Rock Hard 1988      
KISS 100'000 Years 1973      
KISS 2000 Man 1979      
KISS A Million To One 1983      
KISS A World Without Heroes 1981      
KISS Acrobat        
KISS Ain't That Peculiar        
KISS All American Man 1977      
KISS All For The Glory 2009      
KISS All For The Love Of Rock & Roll 2012      
KISS All Hell's Breakin' Loose 1983      
KISS All The Way 1974      
KISS Almost Human 1977      
KISS And On The 8th Day 1983      
KISS Any Way You Slice It 1985      
KISS Any Way You Want It 1977      
KISS Anything For My Baby 1975      
KISS Baby Driver 1976      
KISS Back To The Stone Age 2012      
KISS Bad, Bad Lovin'        
KISS Bang Bang You 1987      
KISS Beth 1976      
KISS Betrayed 1989      
KISS Black Diamond 1973      
KISS Boomerang 1989      
KISS Burn Bitch Burn 1984      
KISS Cadillac Dreams 1989      
KISS Calling Dr. Love 1976      
KISS Carr Jam 1981 1992      
KISS Charisma 1979      
KISS Childhood's End 1997      
KISS Christine Sixteen 1977      
KISS C'mon And Love Me 1975      
KISS Cold Gin 1973      
KISS Comin' Home 1974      
KISS Crazy Crazy Nights 1987      
KISS Creatures Of The Night 1982      
KISS Dance All Over Your Face 1983      
KISS Danger 1982      
KISS Danger Us 2009      
KISS Dark Light 1981      
KISS Detroit Rock City 1976      
KISS Detroit Rock City (Live) 2014      
KISS Deuce 1973      
KISS Dirty Livin' 1979      
KISS Dirty Livin' / Sure Know Something 1979      
KISS Do You Love Me? 1976      
KISS Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio 2003      
KISS Domino 1992      
KISS Doncha Hesitate        
KISS Down On Your Knees 1982      
KISS Dreamin' 1998      
KISS Easy As It Seems 1980      
KISS Eat Your Heart Out 2012      
KISS Escape From The Island 1981      
KISS Every Time I Look At You 1992      
KISS Every Time I Look At You [Unplugged] 1996      
KISS Exciter 1983      
KISS Fanfare 1981      
KISS Firehouse 1973      
KISS Fits Like A Glove 1983      
KISS Flaming Youth 1976      
KISS Forever 1989      
KISS Freak 2012      
KISS Get All You Can Take 1984      
KISS Getaway 1975      
KISS Gimme More 1983      
KISS God Of Thunder 1976      
KISS Goin' Blind 1974      
KISS Good Girl Gone Bad 1987      
KISS Got Love For Sale 1977      
KISS Got To Choose 1974      
KISS Great Expectations 1976      
KISS Hard Luck Woman 1976      
KISS Hard Times 1979      
KISS Hate 1997      
KISS Heart Of Chrome 1992      
KISS Heaven's On Fire 1984      
KISS Hell Or Hallelujah 2012      
KISS Hell Or High Water 1987      
KISS Hide Your Heart 1989      
KISS Hooligan 1977      
KISS Hot And Cold 2009      
KISS Hotter Than Hell 1974      
KISS I 1981      
KISS I Confess 1997      
KISS I Finally Found My Way 1998      
KISS I Just Wanna 1992      
KISS I Love It Loud 1982      
KISS I Love It Loud (Live) 1993      
KISS I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock & Roll 1998      
KISS I Still Love You 1981      
KISS I Stole Your Love 1977      
KISS I Walk Alone 1997      
KISS I Want You 1976      
KISS I Was Made For Lovin' You 1979      
KISS I Was Made For Lovin' You [Live] 1993      
KISS I Will Be There 1997      
KISS I'll Fight Hell To Hold You 1987      
KISS I'm A Legend Tonight 1982      

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